Hospital bio Hazard Bag

Biomedical waste is waste of laboratory or medical origin which may be contaminated with infectious materials. Biomedical waste can be generated in the process of diagnosis, prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases or during research about healthcare. It is largely produced in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, morgues, dental clinics, blood banks, medical research labs, dental clinics, and veterinary clinics.

Biomedical Waste Management

Biomedical waste is divided into non-risk waste and risk waste. Biomedical waste which is not properly handled can be a source of transmission of diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C Virus. Sanitation workers, medical and paramedical staff, patients, and attendants to patients are at the highest risk due to improper management of biomedical waste. Transmission of diseases through biomedical waste can occur through inhalation, mucous membrane contact, punctures, cuts, and abrasions in a healthy person.